Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Kate Harding

The public me. Semi-personal essays on feminism, fat politics, regular old politics, 'n' stuff.

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The Bibliophilistines

We're bibliophiles! And at the same time, philistines! Geddit?

This is my old friend Jill and I, talking about all things booky--except for the booky things academics and professional critics talk about, because we find that crap insufferably snobby and soporific. Hence the name.

The New Pointless, Incessant Barking

This is my personal journal--now more solipsistic than ever!

It's also invitation-only. If you'd like an invitation, get a wordpress username and send an e-mail to, telling me the username and who you are. I may or may not invite you, both because privacy is the whole point of keeping it locked and because there's a limit on how many readers I can invite before they start charging me. But if you're interested, it's worth a shot. (Note: if you know me personally, OF COURSE you will be invited... unless you're related to me.)